Who is


My real name is Felipe Becerra and no... I’m not schizophrenic lmao, the name Skizo comes from translating the word "Sketch" into a language called Esperanto.

I'm a 22 yo self-taught artist working hard to make a living out of my passion. This store is my full-time job and I put all my love and effort into it. Most of the products I sell in the store are manufactured by myself. I design, print, and ship every order myself, so Im genuinely grateful for all your support.

the store


This store was created back in June 2020, I found myself unemployed due to the pandemic and my Instagram account was doing great ( back at the time when Instagram used to work well )

so I took the decision of taking all my savings and finally jumping into it and create a store for my art and here we are now, the store has gone through many phases, problems, reworks, and many other things but this still is my dream, and Ill keep working on improving this project until I finally feel proud of what I've created.

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