Tattoo Pass

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What do you get with the Pass?

- You will get lifetime permission to get any of my pieces tattooed. 

- You can modify the artwork as needed/wanted for the tattoo.

- You will be supporting me and my work and you will help me to keep creating art for you.

- You will also get Skizo's blessings.

- You will also get a digital certificate. 


Which Pass should I get? 

- It is up to you! This pass is a mere representation of a donation, I didn't want to set a fixed price for it because it is supposed to be a donation, and imposing a fixed price would be a lil weird for a "donation", that's why I created 3 variants from which you can pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.

- The 3 passes are the same, the only thing that changes is their price


*If you ever post a picture of your tattoo don't forget to tag me @SkizoDraws, I would love to see the final result*